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Boreal: New Doppelmayr Quad Chair being installed

Boreal's new Castle Peak Quad Chair will replace the existing Gunnar's and Claimjumper chairs, increasing base area capacity on beginner/novice runs and evolution parks.  The new lift will take skiers and riders to a slightly higher end point than the Gunnar's chair, offering skiers and riders terrain to the resorts mid-mountain.   

What does this mean for you?  More beginner terrain, more early season terrain, and less crowding in the base area.

And the improvements don't stop there...we are also installing a NEW Automated Snowmaking System

We are also upgrading to a fully automated fan snowmaking system that will double our current output capacity and dramatically improve efficiency.  This will make for a much improved early season product, cementing Boreal's reputation as the first place to be in a Northern California winter.  The expanded snowmaking will not only increase capacity, it will reduce our carbon emissions by over 300 tons!

Major Environmental Projects

We also have a full retrofit planned for a major section of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, upgrading to energy efficient lighting, reducing our carbon footprint by over 40 tons a year.

What does this mean for you?  By taking a leadership role in environmental responsibility, Boreal hopes to inspire you to pitch-in helping to reduce our effects on the environment.

In addition, Powdr. Corporation, Boreal's parent company has recently announced that it will offset 100 percent of the grid supplied electricity consumed at its seven ski/snowboard resorts through the purchase of renewable energy credits beginning in June 2008.  Powdr Corp's purchase of nearly 50 million kWh of renewable energy credits is the second largest among the US Environmental Protection Agency's partners in the travel and leisure category.

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