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Brixen im Thale / Austria: New 8-seater gondola lift

From the new valley station up to the Westendorf Choralpe
Descent: 4.5 km with 1,020 m difference in altitude

Starting in the next winter season, a conveyor belt and drag lift will take skiers and boarders from the end of the ski run in the vicinity of the Brixen bathing lake directly to the new valley station. This is being built on the opposite side of the road from the existing sunfacing lift station. The two buildings will be connected by a bridge over the Brixental main road.

The drag lift - called the "Sonnenlift" - is solar-powered. The solar panels are fitted to the south-facing side of the new valley station. The energy produced means that the lift can be powered 100% by solar energy. Even in bad weather, the facility will have enough stored energy to be capable of operating only by solar power.

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