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Marmot Basin's new High Speed Quad Chair will be one of the Longest built in North America this summer.

Marmot Basin will install a 2.3 km long high speed quad detachable chairlift this summer which will be one of the longest chairs built in North America for next winter. The chair will rise almost 2,000 vertical feet in just over 7 minutes and will be the longest high speed chair in the Alberta Canadian Rockies.

The Leitner Poma system will be the longest high-speed quad detachable chairlift in the Alberta Canadian Rockies, with a measured slope length of approximately 2300m and a vertical rise of some 596 meters.  Replacing the existing Tranquilizer Chair and Kiefer T-Bar, the bottom terminal will be at the base of the lower mountain adjacent to the existing Eagle Express quad chair terminal. The lift will whisk 2400 passengers per hour from the lower base area and unload them at the top terminal of the existing Kiefer T-Bar. The lift will have an 800 horse power, top-drive engine and will operate at a design speed of 5.08 meters per second (1000 ft/min). The chairlift ride will last an estimated 7.5 minutes.

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