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Zermatt/ Switzerland: Extension of Matterhorn-Express up to Trockener Steg

The extension of the Matterhorn Express aerial cable car from the Schwarzsee paradise through Furgg and to Trockener Steg will be built for the winter season 2009/10. This new facility will offer the guests pure travelling comfort: They will reach Trockener Steg from Zermatt in around 25 minutes without having to leave the comfortable 8-seat cable cars of the Matterhorn-Express. An angular station will be built onto the existing Schwarzsee paradise Station. The guests will first travel down to Furgg and then directly up again to Trockener Steg. The facility has been designed so that the Furgg – Schwarzsee section can be operated separately if necessary. The transport capacity of the extension to the Matterhorn-Express is 2,800 persons/h, and the travelling time from Schwarzsee paradise to Trockener Steg will be only 9 minutes. The entry platform at Furgg is higher than the piste. One escalator each per side will run from the piste level to the entry platform. A slightly sloping, separate piste will be created from the Käsestube, which will lead to the entry area through a tunnel under the existing piste.

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