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In the near future a brand-new mountain gondola will whisk you up to the top of Gaislachkogl peak. It is sais to be one of the most spectacular architectonic highlights in all of Austria, offering the latest technical standards. The new Gaislachkogl mountain gondola will be in operation from the 2010/2011 winter season.


Besides operational safety, a higher level of comfort and increased transport capacity it is of utmost importance for the Bergbahnen Sölden Lift Company to add new architectonic highlights.
The architect's office run by Johann Obermoser (Innsbruck/Austria) exactly meets all these requirements. At the base terminal a slim but longish steel construction hosts the cable railway station while the exterior is covered with a transparent and tear-resistant plastic foil.
All three new mountain gondola stations of Gaislachkogl stick to a similar style: Artistically curved buildings with a steel skeleton inside, covered by a giant plastic skin.
The lateral access platforms can be easily reached either via fully automated escalators or with a top modern elevator. A fact which guarantees even more quality and comfort.


The main construction at the middle station (2,174 m) will open up new horizons. The future exit platform will be at the same height as the existing restaurant's roof. Winter sportsmen who want to access the ski slope simply have to conquer a short ramp – without pushing or using their poles. Those who want to reach the top of the peak continue with the 3-Rope Mountain Gondola. The middle station itself features a 190 m² panoramic window offering uninterrupted views of the Stubai Alps. The underground floor will host a completely new garage, service and repair area for the snow-grooming machines.


At the moment the distance between the single lift towers of the middle and the top station is about 750 meters. But the new cable railway will feature a maximum distance of no less than 1,200 meters between the giant pillars!
The old mountain gondola had 4 lift towers in the second section while the new 3-rope system only needs 3 of them. The single gondola cabins of the new cable railway will be supported by two track ropes and one haul rope.
Due to permafrost soil the top station will be moved northwards for some 30 meters. As a consequence, also the routing will change slightly without having any effect on the already existing "Tre Milla" mountain restaurant and the BIG 3 viewing platform.


Section I: Single Rope Gondola
Total length: 2.040,48 m
Capacity/cabin: 8 persons
Speed: 6 m/s
Hourly capacity: 3.600 persons/hour
Gondola cabins: 107
Riding time: 6,7 min.
Altitude valley: 1.363 m
Altitude middle station: 2.174 m
Difference in altitude: 811 m

Section II: Triple Rope Gondola
Total length: 1.978 m
Capacity/cabin: 30 persons
Speed: 6 m/s
Hourly capacity: 2.600 persons/hour
Lift towers: 3
Gondola cabins: 19
Riding time: 5,5 min.
Altitude top station: 3.040 m
Difference in altitude: 864 m

Start of construction works at the top station:
As the construction works for this triple rope gondola section will take approximately 9 months, the basic foundations were already laid in summer 2009. Normally there are at least 5 months with suitable weather conditions in this high Alpine area (3,054 m).

Start of construction works at the base and middle terminals:
From 13 April 2010 onwards, the construction companies and cable railway experts will officially continue the construction works.

Opening of the new gondola: start of winter season 2010/2011
Investment volume: € 35 million
Cable railway techniques: Doppelmayr
Planning: Architect's Office - DI Johann Obermoser, Innsbruck

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