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Bridger Bowl: New Lift for 2010-2011

This summer, Bridger Bowl will replace the current Bridger and Deer Park lifts with one triple chair lift. Here are some of the reasons we have chosen this option:

1. This is the most important lift on the mountain. Without reliable access, we can not do the avalanche hazard reduction work required to open the upper mountain lifts and terrain.

2. The Bronco, Sluice Box and Avalanche Gulch terrain is significantly interrupted with the Deer Park switchback road which would be eliminated along with the Deer Park Lift. The elimination of the road and lift would enable skiers to ski from the top of Bridger down to the South Bowl without crossing a road and open significantly more uninterrupted fall line skiing around Sluice Box without the top terminal, unloading area and towers.

3. The Riblet chair lifts are not made anymore and replacement parts are becoming obsolete with used parts very difficult to find.

4. The Bridger and Deer Park lifts have light 80 lb. chairs that swing in the wind and we're more prone to being shut down with strong southwinds. A new triple chair would weigh about 250 lbs and can run in higher cross winds, minimizing lift closure times (days) significantly.

5. A triple chair will provide the maximum recommended capacity (1,500/hr) for the new Bridger 2 unloading area due to steep terrain.

6. This triple chair provides nearly the same uphill vertical transport feet (2.1 million VTFH) compared to the current Bridger and Deer Park double chairs (2.37 million VTFH) combined. With the anticipated wider dispersion of skiers within this terrain pod, return time to the base of the lift will likely be increased, negating any VTFH difference.

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