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Shawnee Peak to Install Maine´s First Loading Conveyor System on New Summit Lift

Bridgton, ME – Shawnee Peak Ski Area will install Maine’s First Loading Conveyor System at the bottom of the new CTEC Summit Chairlift.

The new Summit Triple Chair, which is being installed this summer, will feature the state-of-the-art Emmegi Conveyor Loader.  The new system will allow the chair to run at 525 feet per minute - approximately 25% faster than the old Summit Triple. Users will wait behind a gate and, when it’s their turn, simply step on the moving conveyor, which will automatically load the skiers onto the faster-moving chair. 

Ski area operators who utilize similar loading systems have discovered that "stops and slows" decrease by more than 50%, giving the riders a much faster ride up the mountain.

"With a faster speed and fewer stops and slows, the New Summit Triple Chair is a monumental improvement to the skier experience," said Homer. "The use of this loading system will provide uphill capacity similar to that a high-speed chair at a significant cost savings."

Emmegi Ski, a European company, is the manufacturer of the technology and has installed hundreds of conveyor systems in Switzerland, Italy and France.  American ski areas have recently embraced the innovative technology.  Shawnee Peak’s loading conveyor system will be the first installed in Maine.

The new lift is scheduled for load testing by Labor Day.

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