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Finnland: Pyhä ski resort invests 8 million euros in services for skiers

- a super fast 6 person chair lift for ski season 2010-2011

As a part of the long-term development scheme of Pyhätunturi, the slope area of Huttu-Ukko was renewed and a new Skiway connection established between the family slopes and the Polar slope for season 2009-2010. A new ultra-fast six-seater bubble chair lift, called PyhäExpress, is to be opened at the Polar slope at the beginning of season 2010-2011.

The PyhäExpress lift offers you a comfortable ride up to the top of Pyhä in just four minutes, with the bubble providing shelter against the elements. The new lift will allow you to make more efficient use of your skiing time, as you will be spending 50 % less time on the lift – which means double the time skiing. The transparent bubble can be lowered during the ride for protection against wind, snow and rain. This modern chair lift slows down at the bottom and top station for loading and unloading, a fact that especially children and beginners know how to appreciate. Thanks to the new lift and the Skiway, it is now possible to access the slopes of Huttu-Ukko, Polar, along with the Blue Run, the chairlift slope, and a new challenging FIS slope using just one lift.

A new FIS homologated race slope shall be opened for season 2010-2011. This slope offers an ideal section for slalom training and racing with a vertical drop of 202 metres over a length of 610 metres. A section with an overall vertical of 250 metres over a length of approx. 1000 metres lends itself to giant slalom.

In connection with the overhaul of slopes and lifts, the snow making system has also undergone changes that have made it not only more efficient but also more environmentally friendly. This now partly automated system is more energy-efficient than before, thanks to being capable of automatically adjusting to changes in weather conditions.

The old Polar lift is now about half of it's original length, having been shortened to give way to the new FIS slope. The original short T-bar type pull devices have been replaced with easy-to-use disc devices. The new shortened lift allows access to the easy lower part of the Polar slope, to the family slopes, and to the Hotel.

The old chair lift at Huttu Ukko is now reaching the end of its life span, due to which it will have to retire from public duties, which many of our seasoned clients will certainly regret. The retirement is, however, well deserved, after serving 45 years in wind and rain, while having also enjoyed crisp and sunny spring snow days and many a warm summer’s day and nightless night. In summer 2010, you still have the opportunity to experience a nostalgic ride up on the old chair lift through the mighty pine woods on the slopeside up to the barren stone fields at the top of Pyhä fell.

The family slope area has been altered to better suit the needs of children and beginning skiers and snowboarders. The slope area has been extended at the bottom to offer some more of the gentle terrain, and the Family ski lift (Perhehissi) has been moved approx. 100 metres down the hill for improved service.

The new PyhäExpress bubble chair lift will bring about some considerable improvements to the top of the ski area. From the new top station, you can now easily reach all slope areas, including the North slopes. The old lift at Pyhä peak (Huippuhissi) will be shortened by moving its top station approx. 150 metres downhill, so as to ensure better security at high winds.  Thanks to this change and due to the existing triple chair lift, you will be able to use a slightly shorter section of the Polar slope and the Blue slope even in more adverse weather conditions. From the new lowered top station of Huippuhissi, you still have an easy access to the North slopes.

Following the investments on slopes and lifts in 2010, plans have been made for an extension to the Hotel Pyhätunturi, situated between the slope areas, halfway up the fell. The construction work started in summer 2011.

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