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Mt. Hood Meadows: The New Stadium Express High Speed Quad

MT. HOOD, OR -- Mt. Hood Meadows is constructing its first lift since 2005. Stadium, one of Meadows? original lifts, is being replaced with a new generation Poma high speed detachable quad. This important project will not only improve the overall skiing and riding experience for guests, but also allow for important wetland restoration in the base area.
Significant Upgrade for our Guests

The new, modern lift will represent a significant upgrade over the existing Stadium fixed grip double. Maximum uphill capacity will reach 2,000 people per hour, versus the current maximum capacity of 1,200 which the current lift rarely achieves. With a more robust design the new lift will be more stable in high winds and will therefore run at maximum capacity more often. The bottom terminal will be much closer to the lodge ? guests will find the load point approximately 300 feet closer than it is currently located. The top terminal will be placed on the ridge near the top of Heather lift, which will significantly improve access to the North side areas, including Heather Canyon, Shooting Star, and Hood River Meadows. The lift will also join the Mt. Hood Express for night operations so evening riders will have two high speed quads, maximizing their night riding experience. The lift will also provide improved service to racers on the Stadium courses

  • Faster uplifting to the North side lifts and terrain.
  • Improved loading experience for beginner and intermediate skiers and riders ? the lift will load on a contour similar to Vista.
  • More efficient maze and loading design.
  • Provides backup for Mt. Hood Express.
  • Improved run time in windy conditions.
  • Improved night skiing/riding experience.
  • Improved experience for participants and spectators for race events on Stadium.
  • More efficient footprint (takes up less area).
  • Better base area circulation on skis and boards.
  • More groomed skiable terrain.

Wetlands Restoration
According to Mt. Hood Meadows CEO Matthew Drake, a very important part of this new lift construction is the integration of our continuing environmental initiatives. ?A significant element of this project is the restoration of the wetland complex at the base of Blue chair over to the bottom of Mt. Hood Express and continuing to the base of Stadium?, says Matthew. ?This project will restore approximately 1.5 acres of wetland within our area. It will also include innovative design engineering for the re-construction of existing roads to ?float? above the wetland areas without impacting their hydrological function or the propagation of wetland vegetation.?

With the removal of Stadium (known as ?Yellow?), Meadows says goodbye to one of its original lifts. Yellow, along with Blue the first two lifts constructed at Meadows in 1967. After many successful operating seasons, Yellow was upgraded in 2008 with new chairs, electronics, and a variable drive, and renamed ?Stadium?.


Bottom Terminal Elevation (FT) 5368
Top Terminal Elevevation (FT) 5949
Vertical Rise (FT) 581
Length (FT) 2802
Speed (FT / Minute) 1000
Passengers / Hour2000
Passengers / Chair4
Number of Chairs52
Ride Time (Minutes) 2.9
Chair Spacing (FT) 120
Interval Between Chairs (Seconds) 7.2
Rope Diameter (MM) 40
Number of Towers12
Passengers in Air88

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