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3 Vallées ski area: Ski Lifts News 2012/13

Saulire Express: the new gondola entirely finished
Having finished construction of the 2nd section last year, Méribel Alpina is completing works on the Saulire Express this year. The lift will now start from la Chaudanne, with a brand new, modern and spacious departure station. The left-luggage service and ESF ski school office that were in the old building will now be located here. 12 short minutes is all it will take you to get to the top of the Tournier couloir, (instead of the 22 minutes that it took with the previous lift) in comfort and style.
Investment: 20 million €

New 10-seater chairlift of Les Plattières: the one and only lift of this kind at the heart of the 3 Vallées (Méribel-Mottaret)
With this new equipment, the goal is clear: provide a more powerful ski lift (40% more capacity) over a sector that is considered to be the backbone of Les 3 Vallées, and guarantee more skiing, thanks to a shorter transport time (reduced by 60% -9 mins instead of 22).
Investment: 17.2 million €

NEW in Courchevel: Le Biollay 6-seater detachable chair lift
On this busy sector of the 3 Vallées ski area, this new lift, with an increased transport capacity of 32%, arrives arrives slightly higher than the current ski lift, enabling more options for skiers.

Les Menuires: a new 6-seater chair lift in Reberty
Reberty’s 6-seater detachable chair lift (passenger flow of between 1,800 and 2,600 people per hour) is the latest addition to Les Menuires and Saint Martin de Belleville’s ski lift network. Replacing Reberty’s telebenne lift (built in 1983, with a passenger flow of 600 people/hour), it will give skiers an alternative for getting back from la Masse ski area, as well as free access to the la Becca’s slopes, BK Park and the Acticross.
Investment: 4.4 million €

Petit-Moriond gondola lift in Courchevel Moriond
The 3 Vallées fixed chair is now replaced by the Petit Moriond gondola. A well-thought investment which will enable a faster and easier access to the Courchevel-Moriond snow front, for skiers and pedestrians from the surrounding residences. Free, this gondola is 145m long and can carry 520 passengers per hour.
Investment: 3 million €

The Péclet Funitel (Val Thorens) lift has had a facelift!
Thanks to the installation of automatic functions in the Funitel stations, as well as new and more spacious cabins, the resort’s leading ski lift (first major ski lift accessible from the resort itself, serving the Péclet sector) will now operate far more efficiently.
A cabin prototype was tested during winter 2011/2012 and many skiers provided their feedback via a dedicated website. The SETAM ski lift company finally chose a cabin that was able to accommodate 22 skiers, with 19 seats, making it 60% more comfortable, with a passenger flow that has increased by 25%.
Investment: 4.3 million €.

Renovation of la Saulire cable car (Courchevel)
One cabin will undergo a technical service and refurbishment this year, whilst the other cabin will be serviced and refurbished next year.

Replacement of the Tapis de l’Ourson
The current ski tow on the Méribel-Mottaret snow front will be replaced by a magic carpet to make it more comfortable and easier for beginners. This free carpet is 60m long.

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