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Schladming / Austria: 10 person gondola "Hochwurzen"

The latest Hochwurzen ropeway features an impressive new operating concept

Schladming and LEITNER ropeways have been successfully working together for many years. Since 2000, six LEITNER ropeways have been constructed. Since 2008, LEITNER ropeways has in fact installed all of the new systems. Among the most spectacular joint projects completed here are the Märchenwiesenbahn, Mitterhausbahn and the so called „WM-Shuttle“.

 The new Hochwurzen gondola ropeway in Schladming combines modern environmentally friendly technology with high efficiency, travelling comfort and multifunctional capabilities.

LEITNER ropeways’ Hochwurzen system is a good example of how a gondola ropeway can perfectly meet the individual needs of summer and winter guests. A 10-person gondola ropeway with a completely new type of operating concept has been created in Schladming in a project commissioned by Planai-Hochwurzen-Bahnen GmbH. The ropeway will be multi-functional and flexible - it can be operated according to requirements: In winter, the passengers can be loaded quickly thanks to the detachable system. This guarantees a high transport capacity. During the summer, on the other hand, gondolas can be brought to a complete stop for 20 seconds twice while in the station, allowing pedestrians, cyclists, passengers with strollers and people with limited mobility due to a disability to easily hop on and off. Along with the LEITNER direct drive, this innovative stop-and-go solution was a decisive factor in winning this contract.

Once again, LEITNER ropeways has accommodated for the increasing importance of passengers’ comfort by providing this new technology. The performance and flexible application of the ropeways are increasingly becoming a decisive competitive factor for operating companies. Schladming has also opted for the benefits of the LEITNER direct drive. The new Hochwurzen ropeway will be equipped with this drive technology, which offers greater smoothness, less noise, lower fuel consumption and less maintenance. Reduced engine noise is particularly important at the Hochwurzen ropeway, as the mountain station needs to be integrated into an existing structure built into the mountain.

In total, the new track has an overall length of 2,170 meters with 14 support towers and covers a vertical rise of 706 meters. The system can transport 2,500 people an hour.

Schladming (AUT)
GD10 Gipfelbahn Hochwurzen (Opening: 2013/2014)
Ropeway system: GD10
Inclined length: 2,170 m
Vertical rise: 706 m
Capacity: 2,500 people per hour
Number of gondolas: 59
Number of support towers: 14
Drive: LEITNER directdrive

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