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Largest urban ropeway on Eurasian continent in Ankara from 2014

LEITNER to implement new comfortable transport connection in Turkish capital

This alternative is sure to appeal even to passionate motorists.  Instead of waiting in traffic jams, the residents of Ankara can soon just hop onto a gondola ropeway.  The new detachable 10-passenger gondola ropeway from LEITNER ropeways will connect the neighborhood of ªentepe to the city center via a total of four stations from 2014.  It shows how innovative and architecturally ambitious ropeways can revolutionize urban traffic.

The largest urban ropeway project on the Eurasian continent is an impressive demonstration of the possibilities and advantages that the use of ropeways can offer in large cities. In the Turkish capital of Ankara, LEITNER ropeways is to implement a gondola ropeway that is exceptional and standard-setting in many respects. It will connect the neighborhood of ªentepe to the Yenimahalle metro station and therefore to the city's main artery from spring 2014. The detachable GD10 gondola ropeway with a total of four stations and a length of 3,204 meters will create a transport capacity of 2,400 people per hour in both directions. This solution to connect the neighborhood to local public transport reduces road traffic considerably. In addition, it is more environmentally friendly thanks to significantly lower emissions.

Modern design and extraordinary architecture will make the stations a visual highlight. This will be the responsibility of LEITNER Partner Primavera Design. Special LED systems will create remarkable lighting effects at night. For the towers, a special urban design has been developed. They can be accessed completely from the inside. In developing the towers, LEITNER ropeways worked closely together with its associate company LEITWIND. The cabins, equipped with seat heating, will hover about 60 meters above the ground and offer a spectacular view of the city. Due to the long operating hours from 5 am to 11 pm, they will be equipped with nighttime lighting. Besides the 106 regular cabins, the gondola ropeway will have two VIP cabins with leather seats, an MP3 sound system and a cooler. Equipped with the most modern drive technology the new gondola ropeway will be in operation 365 days a year.

This spectacular project underscores the leading role of LEITNER ropeways as a manufacturer of ropeways in urban settings. The LEITNER group has implemented numerous ropeways in large cities across the globe, including Barcelona, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, New York and Rio de Janeiro. In Turkey, systems from LEITNER ropeways are already in use in several cities such as Istanbul, Bergama, Erzincan and Ordu. In the successful implementation of these urban ropeways, the core competencies of LEITNER ropeways have a central role: highest quality and cutting-edge technologies as well as premium design, sustainability and individuality. These are the prerequisites under which the ropeways not only create economically valuable conditions but are also accepted by the cities' inhabitants and visitors.

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