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Alpine Valley: 2 new chairlifts

Winter enthusiasts in northeast Ohio would be wise to start waxing their skis and snowboards because this 2013-2014 winter season they’ll have the chance to put their skills to the test at the NEW Alpine Valley!

Peak Resorts is underway with its plan to install two additional chairlifts, two additional tubing handle tows and a new beginner surface lift.  Also newly installed will be a state of the art SMI Snowmaking System equipped with 30 new tower and portable fan guns along with a new Pump House and Maintenance Facility.   Terrain enhancements include the widening of “One Trail and “Two Trail” as well as the relocation of the Tube Hill and regrading of the Beginner Area.  The improvements and upgrades to Alpine Valley will be a total capital investment of over 2.5 million dollars.

A brand new Quad chairlift will originate and load in the main base area providing convenient guest access to the summit.  The lift will run an estimated 1600 feet with an uphill capacity of 1800 passengers per hour and a ride time of approximately four minutes.  It will significantly improve the customer experience by offering easier access to popular trails on the north side of the mountain while reducing the amount of time spent sitting on a chair lift.

A newly relocated Triple Chair from Utah will be accompanied by a new surface lift in the beginner area that used to previously have two rope tows.  These additions will make for increased uphill capacity with easier access to novice terrain.  Extensive earth moving has taken place in the beginner area to provide a gradual slope that will allow for a more enjoyable learning experience

The additional tower mounted fan guns will be installed in key locations to increase snowmaking coverage allowing terrain to be open faster.  SMI fan guns are efficient snowmaking machines containing on-board air compressors reducing their carbon footprint decreasing Alpine Valley’s environmental impact.  In addition to the tower mounted fan guns; additional portable fan guns and fan gun connections will be added to efficiently enhance snowmaking strategies. 

Snow tubing has been relocated to a premier area at Alpine Valley.  It is now located where Arrowhead and the Half Pipe used to be.  The existing terrain has been excavated and redesigned to accommodate the new snow tubing park.  The Tube Park’s course is 350 feet long with 2 new handle tows to transport tubers to the top for their fun ride down!  In conjunction with the snowmaking upgrades at Alpine Valley, expect to see 8-10 snow tubing lanes.

The projects began in April, immediately following the conclusion of the 2012/2013 season with an expected completion date of fall 2013.

“All of us here at Peak Resorts are proud to be rejuvenating Alpine Valley that for decades has been providing winter fun for the community.  I am excited to be a part of all these new improvements and I think our guests will see this as a positive move in the right direction for this wonderful Ski Area.  I hope these improvements will show to our guests of all ages and abilities; Peak Resort’s on going dedication to providing a fun and exciting place to come enjoy all the wonderful things winter has to offer.” Josh Boyd, President of BMBW and Alpine Valley Ski Areas.

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