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Wagrain / Austria: New “G-LINK” arial tram

G-LINK WAGRAIN is a cable car which stretches over the valley between the two ski mountains and connects the middle station of the "Flying Mozart" gondola with the junction between the top station of the Grafenberg Express I and the bottom station of the Grafenberg Express II.

Because of the huge, two kilometre free-hanging span, a cable car system with a carrying cable and a pulling cable is necessary. The future cable car shuttle will have two cabins, each with a capacity of 130 people plus a cabin attendant, with a maximum capacity of 1300 people per hour in each direction.

The bottom station of G-LINK lies at 1233m and the top station on the Grafenberg at 1240m, giving an incredible altitude difference of seven metres to be mastered during the six minute ride. A cable sag of up to 150 metres must be expected with full cabins. Two support pylons, each about 35m high, will be erected near the lift stations and the maximum distance between the cable and the ground will be about 232m.

Rescue operations at these heights are unnecessary because for the first time in Austria a new evacuation concept guarantees that both cabins can always be brought back to the respective lift stations. Various equipment parts will be doubled and installed so that they function independently of each other.

Facts & Figures

Rail system aerial tramway
Altitude bottom station (Flying Mozart middle station) 1 233 a.s.l.
Altitude 1 240 a.s.l.
Difference in altitude 7,94 m
Horizontal track length 2 309 m
Average slope 0,34 %
Output 1268 persons/ hour
Speed max. 12 m/sec.
Persons per vehicle (CWA cabin Kronos) 130
Number of Columns 2
Drive power plant (max) 1 596 kW

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