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West Mountain: New Triple Chairlift

The new Triple Chairlift will replace both the Summit Double Chairlift AND the Northwest Triple Chairlift!

Queensbury, NY- West Mountain is happy to announce its recent purchase of a Triple Chairlift from the Hermitage Club in West Dover, VT. The newly acquired Triple Chairlift is over twice the length needed to replace the current Summit Double Chairlift located at West Mountain’s base area. Spencer Montgomery, West Mountain’s co-owner and General Manager, has secured a second drive terminal and bull wheel, with intentions of replacing the Northwest Triple Chair as well.

Although the lift is used, The Hermitage Club had originally planned to keep the Triple Chairlift, investing almost $400,000 into the lift over the last two seasons, but decided to instead put in a 6 seated “bubble” lift.

Local skiers and snowboarders will be ecstatic to hear that the new triple chairlift will move considerably faster, traveling at speeds of 300-400 feet per minute. Currently the Summit Chairlift only travels at 150-300 feet per minute.

These exciting announcements are being reported just shy of the 2-year anniversary of Apex Capital LLC’s takeover of West Mountain. The multimillion dollar lift replacement project is just one of many major capital improvements the passionate new management team has scheduled as part of the 5-year plan. In December 2013, the team revamped the Main Lodge, finished a complete remodel of the restrooms, and did trail maintenance that had been bypassed for years. In August 2014, over 4,000 feet of 10” epoxy coated steel snowmaking pipeline was installed, which tripled the Mountain’s snowmaking capabilities. In addition, they purchased a new Pisten Bully Groomer in December of 2014. Future plans include opening more terrain to skiers and boarders and expanding the snowmaking system to allow snowmaking on the Northwest side of the mountain on trails like the A.O.A, a local favorite, and adding summer activities.
West Mountain Ski area is located at the foot of the Adirondack State Park in Queensbury, NY and is one of few ski areas that offer night skiing/snowboarding, along with snow tubing.

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