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Arizona Snowbowl: New Humphreys Peak Lift

Humphreys Peak chairlift:

  • Fixed grip quad; four person per seat
  • Installed by Skytrac, Inc, located in Salt Lake City
  • 780 vertical rise and 3,060 feet in length
  • 1,000 people per hour
  • Servicing intermediate trails constructed in 2011 including Route 66, Pluto, Daydreamer, Red Tail and Dutchman

Ridgeside snowmaking:

  • Over 5,000 feet of buried water supply pipe
  • Snowmaking coverage from Ridge near top of Casino down to top of Sunset Lift including Rock Garden, Waterfall, Stump Patch and Meadows
  • Hydrant locations strategically placed at the top of Casino, Tiger, Blackjack and Phoenix
  • Allows for Ridge trail to open earlier on machine made snow providing guaranteed conditions and more skiing options
  • Five additional fan guns purchased to increase snowmaking production

Ski trail work:

  • Ridge re-graded and widened including Stump Patch, Phoenix and the access to Tiger and Blackjack
  • North Rim Glades; additional tree glading between Tiger and Casino
  • Tree glading in islands of Sunset lift
  • Tree glading between Upper Volcano and White Lightning
  • Completion of Pluto and B-24 ski trails served by Humphreys Peak lift

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