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Alta Ski Area to Replace Supreme and Cecret Lifts

(Alta, UT). After closing for the season crews at Alta began proceeding with the preparatory work for the removal of Cecret and Supreme lifts, located in the Albion Basin. A detachable quad will replace the two lifts and will have its base terminal near Alf's Restaurant. The top of the lift will be in the same location as Supreme is now. 

“The detachable technology gives us greater control over skiers delivered per hour”, remarks Alta’s General Manager, Onno Wieringa. “At the same time, it gives our skiers a shorter ride time. The detachable lift technology does not necessarily mean that we will be transporting more skiers up the mountain. Our operational teams determine ‘people per hour’ depending on conditions.” 

It will be exciting to open for the 2017-2018 ski season, Alta’s 80th, with a new lift.

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