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Bear Valley Reort: New Six-Pack Lift

Investing in Pure Mountain Fun!

Bear Valley is proud to be a part of the Skyline Investment family and thrilled that Skyline is committed to making Bear Valley a great destination. Over the past 2 years, Skyline has invested over $6 million in new equipment and improvements. 

Coming soon to BEAR VALLEY! A new high-speed six-pack chair lift for the 17/18 season beginning in late November. 

The new lift will transport six passengers at a time from the mid-mountain ski lodge to the top of the mountain, at 8500’ elevation, nearly three times faster than the current lift. This exciting lift replacement project is pending approval by the U.S.D.A. Forest Service (Stanislaus Forest) and will replace the Bear chairlift, increasing guest uphill capacity of the mountain’s main artery. Bear Valley’s new state of the art detachable chairlift provides an improved reduced speed “easy load and unload” experience at the bottom and top terminals, features comfort bars, foot rests, and will carry guests to the mountain’s peak in just over three minutes.

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