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Sunridge: 2 new lifts

Two new lifts will be installed for next season; a quad chairlift which will replace both the Orange and the Yellow TBar, and a 300ft carpet lift to replace our old rope tow. 

Quad chairlift

A Leitner-Poma chairlift will be delivered in May with plans to install it this summer. The four-passenger (quad) chair, which we bought from a ski area in Ontario, will replace both the Orange TBar and the Yellow TBar and will run from the bottom of Andy's Gully up to the top near our existing chair. The new quad chair will give us more lift capacity than the TBars so lineups on our busy days will be smaller. 

With the new quad chair, we will have more runs to ski on as the old Yellow and Orange TBar lift lines can now be used for skiing plus we plan on opening up a new run between the existing Big Terrain Park and Andy's Gully. 

There will also be a lot more space in the area where the top of the Orange TBar is currently located. Right now, this is a narrow path above the rope tow but with the new chairlift, this will be a wide open green run that will take you to the Bunny Hill from the chairlifts. 

And,as an added bonus, you will no longer have to use a rope tow or handle tow to get to our existing triple chairlift. You can just zip down Andy's Gully and ride the new quad up to the top and then ski the runs off the triple chair or quad chair.

300 ft carpet lift

Also this summer, we are taking delivery of a new 300 ft carpet lift that will replace our old rope tow. This new carpet lift is three times the length of our existing carpet lift and will make it much easier for skiers and snowboarders to use our wide open Bunny Hill. 

But even better, we will have a lot more space for beginners to learn to ski or snowboard. Our Bunny Hill will be effectively doubled in size as you can choose to get off on either side at the top of the new carpet lift and practice your turns on our gentle slopes to the bottom of the carpet lifts. Right now, on our old rope tow and 100ft carpet lift, you can only get off on one side which means the Bunny Hill can be crowded on busy days. It will be much more open, friendly and easy to use once we replace the old rope tow with the new carpet lift.

Two carpet lifts, more beginner year is looking like a great year to ski or snowboard at Sunridge!

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