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Belleayre Ski Resort: New “Catskill Thunder” gondola

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced $8-million in the New York State Budget to enhance Belleayre Ski Resort’s current facilities with the installation of a new, high-speed gondola, multiple lodge expansions and the addition of modern amenities for both lodges at the resort.


“Catskill Thunder” will be comprised of 60 cabins that will transport up to 8 adult guests per cabin at a maximum speed of 1000 feet per minute. Patrons will be able to load the lift just above the Discovery Lodge and ride it to the peak of the mountain just towards the east side of the Tomahawk Lift. This project is slated to be completed by December of 2017. It will also allow for future cross-country skiing across the summit, year round scenic rides, lift serviced mountain biking and wedding and party rentals at the summit. 

Other improvements


Renovations to the Discovery Lodge will increase current seating capacity, retail space, and food/beverage locations in the near future. While no actual construction will take place this summer, we will be working with engineers on the design and planning phases of the expansion. The heating system will be replaced with a more efficient propane system as we make the move away from fuel oil. Electrical upgrades will be underway converting our system from a 4 megawatt service to a 7.5 megawatt service in preparation for the gondola, snowmaking and future lodge expansion. The Overlook Lodge renovations call for additional storage and locker areas, food and beverage offerings, and a new deck for patrons to enjoy during the winter and the off season for weddings and special events.


In addition to past enhancements of our snowmaking system we will continue to replace existing lines to create more efficient snowmaking capabilities. We will also be purchasing additional low energy snow guns which will allow us to run more guns at once, pump more water onto the trails using less resources and thus ensuring that will continue to be environmentally & financially more friendly and sustainable.

Ski Patrol

The Ski Patrol building will be receiving an addition which will allow for it to become a self-contained building. The main floor will include a trauma room, waiting area with nurse’s station and additional bed space for patients. The building will also contain a locker room and storage for much needed supplies. In addition to the aforementioned projects, regular maintenance of the grounds and facilities will take place throughout the summer.

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