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Sälen / Sweden: New 8 seater chairlift in Hundfjället

Development of new Hundfjället is a step towards an international product, with the most modern 8 chair express lift in Scandinavia, new slopes and a bigger snow system.

Hundfjället is less than 10 minutes from the planned Scandinavian Mountains Airport, and during the coming years, it will be developed into an international mountain resort. As soon as winter 18/19 will see more of everything, with a new express lift, West Express with heated leather seats, short ride time and weather and wind protection.

Valley station will be in the middle of Hundfjällstorget, and the route is, as the name implies, westward up the mountain. With a length of 1.366 meters and an elevation difference of 229 meters, this will be a perfect place to rest your legs and relax for a while (3 minutes and 48 seconds, to be exact) before it’s time to set out down the slope.

The summit station is placed above Långbackarna in the western skiing area, which has long been popular with our guests. The area has exciting skiing for the whole family, and fun, hilly slopes. The new express lift makes the area more easily accessible, and an outright dream for those who want a simple and convenient way to the top, and premium class skiing.

The two ring lifts going west will get a new route starting above the children’s area, improving both the skiing and children’s areas. Two all new lifts will make it easy for families with children to move about the area around Trollskogen. Another effort before winter 18/19 will be the children’s slope by Valles Snölekis, which will be moved and renovated.

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