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Timberline: New high speed quad Pucci

Timberline's Pucci lift is getting an upgrade this summer from the existing triple chair setup to a high-speed detachable quad. This upgrade will increase uphill capacity with a user-friendly top terminal for speedy unloading.

The original Pucci Chairlift was installed in 1956 and replaced in 1987 with the current chairlift. This fixed-grip triple chairllift was designed to operate at 1,800 pph but was lowered to 1,330 pph due to loading and unloading problems. It is the oldest lift in the network. The Pucci Chairlift services beginner and novice terrain with some lower intermediate terrain. The top terminal of the Pucci Chairlift is located south of the Timberline Lodge and west of Wy’East Day Lodge

The Pucci Chairlift will be replaced as a detachable quad with an hourly capacity of 1,800 pph. The chairlift replacement would use the existing lift corridor, resulting in the same slope length and elevation gain as the existing lift and would use eleven out of the twelve existing lift towers. The replacement would add two new towers: one adjacent to the top terminal and the other near the bottom terminal.

The replacement will facilitate easier and more efficient loading and unloading, which will result in fewer chairlift stoppages due to misloading. The chairlift ride will also be faster than the current lift, reducing ride time from approximately 6.5 minutes to 4.5 minutes. In addition, as the Pucci Chairlift serves as a “step up” from the beginner terrain, providing a more user-friendly chairlift will enhance the beginner and intermediate skier/snowboarder experience. Due to the slight increase in Pucci Chairlift’s hourly capacity, overall resort capacity will increase slightly from 3,990 to 4,030 guests following the Pucci Chairlift replacement.

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