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Arizona Snowbowl: The New High-Speed Agassiz Lift

Arizona Snowbowl announced that for the winter 2020-2021 season, Agassiz Chairlift will be replaced with a high-speed combination lift.

Since its inception, Agassiz has been the beating heart of Snowbowl. With the replacement of the lift, we’re ushering in a new era – more than an upgrade, the new Agassiz lift completely redefines the Snowbowl experience.

One of only six of its kind in the United States, the high-speed combination lift will take the place of the current chair, with six-person chairs interspersed with eight-person gondola cabins. The new Agassiz combo lift will transport passengers up 2,000 feet of vertical in just 7 minutes – less than half the time of the existing lift.

Agassiz Combination Lift Quick Facts
  • One of the largest lift installation projects in North America in 2020
  • High-speed detachable chairlift and gondola combo
  • Gondola cabins will be spaced between every two chairs
  • Accesses 2,000 feet of vertical in 7 minutes
As Arizona’s only high-speed combination lift, the new Agassiz combo will set a new standard for the alpine experience in Arizona. Skiers can choose to ride the six-person chair or take a leisurely ride to the top in the 8-person cabin. In the summer and fall, scenic chairlift riders will benefit from passenger cabins in chilly or inclement weather, and passengers that need more assistance boarding a lift can be accommodated more readily.

The current Agassiz chairlift was installed in 1986, and there has been a chairlift in this location for 59 years, since 1961. Times (and fashions) have changed, but the incredible views and the character of the lift have remained.

We’re proud of our commitment to our guests and passholders, and we’ll continue to work hard to improve the guest experience across all areas at Arizona Snowbowl throughout future seasons. 

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