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Saddleback: New high speed detachable quad

Saddleback is investing in a new high speed detachable quad, new snowmaking, a dramatic renovation of the lodge and ticket pricing aimed at making the Saddleback skiing experience as accessible as ever.

Lift Upgrades

The new Rangeley Detachable Quad more than triples uphill capacity over its predecessor and reduces ride time for the lift from 11 minutes to 4. That means a lot more skiing and a lot less riding lifts. The new Rangeley also serves all levels of terrain. 


At Saddleback, we're fortunate to have the highest natural snowfall of all the major Maine ski resorts. To improve on Mother Nature’s generosity, we’re making significant investments in our system and will continue to make additional investments for years to come. 

Lodge Renovation

You'll find significant renovations to the base lodge, resulting in a more comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and energy efficient space for booting up, grabbing lunch, or just relaxing with friends. We’re also updating the pub menu, with an emphasis on local ingredient sourcing to support area producers and provide the tastiest, highest quality food possible. You can also expect to see Saddleback-branded microbrews produced right here in Maine! 

Fair Ticket Pricing

We believe that everyone in our community should have the opportunity to experience Saddleback. That’s why we’re implementing fair ticket pricing, with a goal of keeping skiing accessible to all. We think you’ll find that Saddleback offers some of the most affordable alpine skiing anywhere, without compromising on quality or service.

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