| Projects | Current | 2021-05-18

Welch Village: New 4-person fixed grip chairlift

This spring, Welch Village contracted with Doppelmayr USA Inc to construct and install a brand new 4-person fixed grip chairlift on the east side of the ski area.  This new lift will replace the Hall #4 double chairlift and be constructed near the same lift line.  The bottom of the lift will actually be placed about 30 ft to the west (towards Jaxx).  You will unload the new lift in the same location as the #4 double chair.  

By moving the bottom of this new lift further to the west, Welch Village will be able to open up the bottom of the Harley's Hollow enabling guests to actually ski and ride in-between the new quad chair and the Triple Chair.

Right now, the anticipated opening for this lift is early December. Crew has begun to take down the double chair and will also soon be taking down the Hall #3 double chair on Bakkelyka as well. 

Welch Village is also expecting to finish work on the East and West Quad Riplet lifts and add restraining bars to those lifts this summer as well.   Superior Tramway has experienced significant manufacturing and shipping delays because of the pandemic.

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