| Projects | Future | 2022-01-31

Holiday Valley: News 6 passemger chailift

Holiday Valley is looking towards the future and is now planning construction a 6 passenger chairlift starting in the summer of 2022, with completion of the lift in September 2023. The new lift will replace the Mardi Gras Express, a 4 passenger high speed lift built in 1996 that runs up through the heart of the resort. 

Holiday Valley President and General Manager, Dennis Eshbaugh, said, “The Holiday Valley lift system has been recognized by our guests as one of the best in the East. The Yodeler Quad Express lift built in 2021 raised the bar. The Mardi Gras 6-pack will give skiers and snowboarders an exciting new experience, with quicker access to the top of the mountain.”

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