| Projects | Future | 2022-10-04

Whistler Blackcomb: 2 new lift upgrades 2023

Whilster Blackcomb busy upgrading the Creekside Gondola and Big Red, and of course expanding the Whistler Mountain Bike Park! 

Whistler Blackcomb we’ll be getting two new lift upgrades, set to be installed in summer 2023, following approvals + installation: Fitzsimmons Express and Jersey Cream will both be replaced, improving lift line wait times and overall circulation and capacity.
  • Fitz will go from a 4-person to an 8-person high speed chair, reducing wait times and increasing uphill capacity by 73% in winter and doubling capacity in the summer, providing even greater access to the bike park.   
  • Across the valley on Blackcomb, Jersey, the mountain’s most popular lift, will go from a 4-person to a 6-person high speed chair, also reducing wait times, increasing uphill capacity, and improving mid-mountain circulation and capacity.

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