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La Norma, France: New gondola lift, new rail sled


For its 50th anniversary, the station has a new look!

La Norma was modernized with two major pieces of equipment : The new 10-seater Mélezet gondola lift and the creation of a new “4-season” rail sled.

A new gondola at Le Mélezet

The old gondola at Le Mélezet.was replaced by an ultra-modern gonola lift after 50 years of good and loyal service

New 10-seater cabins, modern and bright, which will be easier to take with your skis in winter, and with your bike in summer
  • Reinforced accessibility (especially for users with reduced mobility) with level boarding and disembarking. No more metal stairs!
  • A more efficient gondola (2x faster ride)
With the new gondola departure station, the snow front will be much more streamlined but also more welcoming and peaceful. The logistical activities (groomer garage, maintenance workshops, staff changing rooms, etc.), which until now have been based on the ground floor of the gondola, will be grouped together in a brand new building further away. The snow front will thus be freed from transit vehicles. You will have all the space you need to ski, have fun and slide after skiing!

A new gondola perfectly integrated with the mountain

With this new gondola, your resort is preparing for the future. A future that La Norma obviously combines with respect for its environment. All the work was preceded by impact studies, including environmental inventories designed to adapt the projects to the flora and fauna present on site. This work was carried out by ecologists and landscape architects, with the support of specialists from the ONF and the Vanoise National Park.

The landscaping has also been carefully designed, with stations and towers that are much more discreet and integrated into the site. During the operating period, the gondola will run 100% on electricity. Renewable and local energy thanks to thedams of the Haute Maurienne and the hydroelectric power plants in the valley, including the one in Villarodin, which alone produces the equivalent of the consumption of 260,000 inhabitants every year.

La Norma is also innovating with a brand new “4 seasons” sled on rails that will be created at the entrance of the resort.

“Ultra fun equipmentaccessible in all seasonsfor maximum thrills!”

Go for a 900m descent between the trees of La Norma forest with10 turns, 6 footbridges to cross the road and 3 full 360° spins!

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